Tips on Good Health and Wealth in the Cold Weather

Tips on Good Health and Wealth in the Cold Weather

No mood, no energy, no concentration, no desire to do anything at all. You’re irritated, oversleeping, coughing or sneezing... Sounds familiar? This is how people often feel with the advent of cold weather. It is complicated to keep the necessary energy levels when it’s cold outside. Moreover, cold weather has more risks to get the seasonal affective disorder. If you feel that you have at least 5 of the symptoms described above, the best pills against it might be right there on the other side of your door. 

TOP-10 Tips to Feel Good in Cold Season

Some most effective ways of boosting your energy level and mood during the cold time are listed below:

1. Herbal add-ons 

Herbs are natural treatments not only to various disorders, but also are the best natural mood and energy boosters, increasing endurance and resistance to stress. 

2. Vitamins 

Vitamin D (“sunshine vitamin”) is in egg yolks, fish with no bones, mushrooms, milk. 

Vitamin B12 is in fortified cereals, lean beef, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, oysters, wild salmon, and crabs.

3. Sufficient water intake

Make sure that levels of liquid in your body is sufficient. Dry air in winter can cause dehydration.

4. No caffeine & alcohol

Alcohol can slow your metabolism by 70%, and have negative impact on your sleep. Coffee is a contradictory stimulant, so try to avoid it in winter when you feel tired. 

5. Physical activity

Exercise helps with your mood, as it makes your body produce higher levels of serotonin, as well as increased dopamine levels that help you to relax. 

6. More time outdoors

Your vitality is linked to being outdoors. Go outside and enjoy nature for 1-2 hours per day.

7. Nutrition

Eat fruit and greens, as well as nuts, peanuts. Greens have almost all minerals and are high in folate that reduces depression. Fruits contain amino acids, while bananas have a lot of tryptophan that takes part in creation of serotonin. Consume enough protein.

8. Sleep schedule

Try to follow your consistent sleep schedule with 7 hours of sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This help to maintain your serotonin/melatonin balance. 

9. Don’t skip breakfast

Your healthy breakfast will boost your high energy levels throughout the day. 

10. Light 

Cold seasons of the year often have poor sunshine. Get more light for your body from natural and artificial sources. Sit beside a light box for 30 minutes or closer to the windows in the daytime. And grab a piece of dark chocolate, as it significantly improves mood.

It is very difficult to be as energetic as you’re in summer during winter cold. Smart nutrition, exercise, diet and necessary amount of light and fresh air will help you to cope with the seasonal disorder and low energy levels. Follow these tips to keep your health, positive mood and motivation on a proper level.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2020Author: Administrator