Why are Sports Important at College?

Why are Sports Important at College?

College or university education for students represents the optimal level of academic excellence and often demands to put more emphasis on studies other than the extracurricular activities. The notion that university students have no time for sporting activities builds on such a premise of maximum concentration on one’s studies. It is a misleading perception of the tertiary level of education that should be discouraged and disregarded on the basis of the simple fact that it is far from the truth. A successful completion of the college education demands more than excellent performance in the academic field. Instead, it endeavors for a comprehensive development of the college or university students. Hence, the transformation of university students to productive members of the society requires a close interaction of college and sport in a complementary relationship. In essence, the academic qualification offered through college education should be complemented with other equally important merits and skills gained through sports. Sports or sporting activities enhance a student’s learning at the college level by, for instance, subsidizing the high costs of the education through scholarships and other forms of financial programs. The importance of sports in college, however, goes beyond the financial incentive to include other important aspects of value addition to the university students. Herein is an outlook of some of the primary inputs of sports in college that can help shape the perspective of a student who is in distress over the integration of college and sport.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

It is common to hear of students who earn their tickets or rather their entry to college through their performance in the sport of their choice. Students who excel in the wide range of sporting activities while at the high school or in their senior years often bank on such opportunities to access the higher level of education. Sports provide opportunities for such students to acquire college education who would otherwise miss out if they relied on the merit of academic excellence alone. However, it is never a smooth sailing for the students as one has to meet some minimum academic qualification to have a chance of securing a scholarship. At the college level, the university students excelling in their field of sports also stand a chance of winning endorsements from corporate organizations and sporting franchises. The corporate organizations can offer to pay the tuition fees of a student throughout college and thus lessening the burden of student loans or financial constraints to one’s parents. Additionally, excellent performance in a given sport may earn one a team spot with renowned sporting franchizes upon completion of the college education. Such opportunities can only be realized through the integration of college and sport thus setting up a student for life after college without the worry of tarmacking for a job. Sports offer some of the most attractive and lucrative financial aid programs and scholarships, which further emphasizes on the importance of sporting activities in college.

Physical activity helps reduce stress

The college education offers some of the most intensive learning programs and processes breeding extreme pressure on the students. The higher level of education takes a lot from the mental, physical, and emotional states of the university students. The intensity of the educational programs offered at the college level may demand long working hours on matters academic. The anxiety to excel in the studies would also have some adverse effects on one’s mental state and hurt their emotional lives when they fall short of attaining their target grades. The surmounting pressure would compromise the quality of education attained by the university students, which would also jeopardize their overall performance in college. Sports offer the most effective remedy for relieving such stress and enhance the quality of life necessary for achieving academic excellence. The physical activities allow for good circulation of blood throughout the body, which enhances its relaxation while studying. The physical activities further help one to have a good sleep at night which is also essential for mental stability in preparation for the daily academic and other life demands in college. The well-being of university students is another key area highlighting the college and sports correlation to excellent performance in the academic field.

Making new friends

Sports in college also offer another valuable aspect to the social lives of the university students. Most of the physical activities involve teamwork, coordination, or association with other students, partners, and regulators. The sporting events provide one with the opportunity to interact with all the participants of the sporting activity and make friends. The university students develop their communication and interpersonal skills from such events, which is important for their future working engagements. Team playing and good interpersonal skills are the products of such events and not lecture room or halls. Making new friends further expands the students’ social networks for current and future collaborative efforts in various fields or aspects of life. It is a perfect example of the complementary nature of college and sport whose input in the life of university students should not be taken for granted. 

You will always be in good shape

University students tend to be concerned with the physical well-being of their bodies and what better way to keep that in check than to engage in sports while in college? Any sporting activity involves the use of muscles and the use of energy or burning of calories as it is commonly known. Hence, participating in sports enhances the well-being of one who endures their demands or requirements for good performance. The good shape may not necessarily mean having a well-structured body but one that is healthy and functions normally without stress. College and sport ensure that one possesses a full mental, physical, and emotional capacity while acquiring knowledge and skills at the highest level.

Academic Motivation

The financial perks and benefits that come through college and sport often have a hidden angle meant for the benefit of the university students. Maintaining the scholarship provided by a given college or organization, for instance, may require one to maintain certain grades or test scores for the duration of their course. The same motivation to be the best in the sporting activity of choice serves to drive the student towards academic excellence for one to continue enjoying the financial incentive. Furthermore, some university students who are good at certain sports can also work harder in their class work to meet the academic qualifications for the various scholarships and programs benefiting the students. Besides the need to maintain or obtain a scholarship, sports also motivate the university student to concentrate on their studies simply to match or make up for their performance.

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