Supplies You Will definitely Need When Buying a Puppy

Supplies You Will definitely Need When Buying a Puppy

Getting a Puppy is Like Getting a New Family Member

Becoming a dog owner is a big step for any person, especially if that dog is still small! Puppies are often considered to be something akin to little babies. This means that they require attention and care. So, having an idea about the necessary items for dog is imperative. Why? Because proper products will help a puppy to assimilate and you’ll be able to get along with each other much easier! That’s why this puppy supplies checklist will be of great assistance for those who decided to take in a new family member.

The Checklist

Dog Bed

Just like babies, puppies need a place of their own to sleep or they might develop habits that some owners might consider undesirable, such as sleeping on the bed. Although this is not the first thing on the checklist of new dog supplies to buy, it’s strongly advised to get your pup a bed.

How to pick a bed? Well, first of all it depends on the size of your pet. Usually, puppies prefer soft beds while senior dogs may find them to be uncomfortable. To get an idea of what bed to get for your puppy, try observing its behavior. Things to consider:

  • Where does a puppy prefer to sleep;
  • Where does it spend lots of time;
  • Are there any special needs to be considered?

So, as it is possible to see, it boils down to the preferences of your pup - if it seeks for warm and soft spots, getting a comfy soft bed (possibly with a blanket) is a logical way to go. 

Pet Hygiene Products (Shampoo, Toothbrush, and Toothpaste)

If you’re getting a pup, this should be among the most prioritized items on your new dog shopping list. A responsible parent wouldn’t leave one’s kid without proper hygiene, right? The same applies to puppies as they cannot hold a toothbrush or wash themselves, except maybe in puddles or mud.

Well, the same applies to our dear pets. A puppy is rapidly growing, meaning that it will explore everything. This adventurous spirit is great and encouraging but could lead to… getting dirty. That’s why having a dog shampoo, a one for puppies, is so important. If children can get dirty easily, dogs can as well.

The same applies to mouth hygiene. Young pups are willing to try out new things to get an understanding of the world around them. Chewing on something is a normal thing for them. Maintaining proper mouth hygiene through the use of toothbrush and toothpaste is imperative for little pups. After all, it’s one of the necessary items for dog because mouth hygiene affects their digestive system, just like with children.


Probably one of the most important entries in the puppy supplies checklist. Pups are growing up so fast, it’s almost impossible to notice when they grow from a handful to a fully developed dog. That’s why food is number one on the checklist of new dog supplies.

The reason is quite simple - a pup requires nutrients to be healthy and properly develop. That is why there is specialized dog food for different ages, body masses, and even breeds. The importance of proper nutrient supply cannot be underestimated when it comes to dogs. Would you feed anything to a family member?

Food is probably one of those things that you will have to change constantly. A puppy grows and its weight changes; so, it’s important to provide it with proper nutrition that is designed for the pet’s physical features. That is why food is one of the necessary items for dog but there’s no real need to buy large bundles until it grows up.

Food and Water Bowls

Everyone needs a fresh supply of food and water, which includes containers for these nutrients. When it comes to puppies, the situation is the same! If you want your youngling to be energetic and healthy, it is imperative to purchase food and water bowls. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. 

For example, it is possible to purchase an elevated food or water bowl for your dog, depending on potential health conditions that need to be considered. It is also important to clean your pets’ bows on a daily basis to prevent the possibility of accumulation of harmful microorganisms.

If you are a really busy person or someone who cannot be present for your pup during prolonged periods of time, it is possible to consider purchasing automatic food dispensers and water fountains. These options are great for busy people. A food dispenser is designed to provide your pup with treats at an acceptable rate so they do not overeat. Water fountain is what it sounds like - it provides a supply of fresh and clean water to a pet. So, these things might be important on a new dog shopping list if you are a busy person.


When it comes to collars, some new dog owners are hesitant to put those on their puppies. However, it is important to understand that collars are required to take a dog for walks. So, this is another entry on the list of necessary items for dog. First of all, there are lots of different collars to choose from:

  • Reflective;
  • Training;
  • Martingale;
  • etc.

A collar can easily serve as the means of securing your pup from fleas and other parasites. All-in-all, the choice of collar depends on the goals that you are pursuing. However, one of the most important reasons to teach your pup to wear a collar is to include a tag. If a puppy gets lost, a tagged collar will allow people to lead it back home.


A leash is an important part of your pup’s “apparel.” The thing is - walking a dog without a leash is usually punishable in the majority of countries. Also, a leash is serving as an instrument for disciplining a pup. The important thing is to show a young dog that you are the master or this can result in some sad consequences.

Anyway, choosing a leash really depends on you and your dog. There are different options to choose from such as traditional ones or these fancy ones that are extendable. So, this entry is important just like the others but there’s flexibility.


A comb is just as important as hygiene. If you want your pet to look and feel great, get a comb. This procedure has several benefits. First of all, you want to keep your little pup clean and cute - that’s why you wash it and comb it. This is obvious.

However, combing your pet is also a great way to prevent the appearance of parasites and other unnecessary health conditions that may be brought from the outside world. So, having a dog comb around is quite useful. Some would say that it’s a necessity rather than a simple gadget.

Potty Training Pads

These are important if you’re going to have an in-house dog. Potty trainers are what they sound like - an instrument for your pup to get used to taking their business somewhere safe and clean. First of all, it is important to be patient because small puppies have small bladders and hardly control them! If you have a backyard, this might not end on your puppy supplies checklist but it’s important nonetheless.

The use of potty training pads is similar to teaching commands. Try rewarding your pup for being obedient and using a pad. This way, it will be possible to develop your dogs’ behaviors regarding toilets.

Plastic Pool Baggies

This is a no-brainer. If you frequently take your dog for a walk, it will want to relieve itself. Going to public places with your pup is a fun experience but do remember about etiquette. If the dog does produce something stinky, take your time to clean it up as it’s just human decency! :)


Well, just like with kids, puppies love toys. Yet another important part on the checklist of new dog supplies. Pups are growing fast and they develop behaviors that are inherent to every canine. That’s why having toys to play with is important, especially during the childhood years. 

Puppies grow up fast and they destroy their toys so fast as well. That’s why keeping a supply of these is important. They raise pups’ mood, keep them active, and keep you happy!

First-aid Supplies

One of the first things on the puppy supplies checklist. Having a first-aid kit that’s designed for dogs is imperative. Who knows what could happen? There might not be a vet around or some incident may happen that would require swift action.

Anyway, this last entry is closing the new dog shopping list. It is important to remember that a puppy is just like a child - it’s vulnerable and requires attention. That is why keeping may be complicated but it will ultimately result in the best friend that a human can have.

Posted on: Jan 5, 2021Author: Administrator