A Guide to Student Online Jobs

A Guide to Student Online Jobs

In recent years the traditional structure of working from eight to five is constantly being challenged. This is with the advent of the online working strategies, where one can work from wherever they are as long as they have a computer and are connected to the internet. It is a revolution that is challenging the traditional means of earning and more important, one that does not require massive expertise to start. This is a good platform for students who want to make extra money for their upkeep and even those that want to enhance their skills as they work towards careers in research and writing. There are a number of avenues students can turn to and among the most important and fulfilling include writing essays for other students, becoming a social media manager, online tutoring, virtual assistance, data entry, becoming a blogger and articles translation. All of these are easy to start and they have quite the level of freedom that most of the students crave and they can also be turned into careers. 

Essay Writing

The number one task for any student is writing essays, as they are the pillars for most of the fields of study regardless of the level. As such, this is a field that is constantly growing as students seek essay writing services they can rely on. It is important for a student to consider a number of elements before they venture into these fields. One is the company they would want to work with. There are a number of companies that are found online, where students can register to become writers and earn from their skills. It is thus crucial to first conduct research into the companies best placed by reviewing websites and customers’ ratings. This way, the student is able to make the right choice relative to their needs. Secondly, it is important that one is able to review their skills and major in a given area. There are different areas such as essays, reports and dissertations among others. Majoring in a given area makes it easier to enhance the skills and more importantly offer quality work through experience. As such, establishing what one is good at is a crucial starting point and then slowly working the ladder. It is also crucial to establish the level of writing that one is comfortable with before starting. Given that there are several levels starting from high school all the way to the PhD levels, students ought to define their niche as they work on their skills. 

Social Media Manager

One of the fastest growing industries on the internet is social media. With social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram among others, the level of traffic some of the handles work with is quite intense. In some of the cases, there are even individuals that attract massive following and on several websites and have to seek a social media manager to assist them with followers and managing the traffic. The tasks associated with being a social media manager include, running ads, creating graphics, writing posts, scheduling posts and most importantly replying to the fans. However, it is also important to factor in the job description will also depend on budget, expertise and time. Starting off, it is important to consider the need for one to have a community presence of their own. This means having accounts in all of the websites one plans to gainfully assist clients with. From the websites, it calls to the student to familiarize themselves with the websites before they can then advertise and seek clients. Seeking clients is the most challenging of the initial steps. However, students can make a commitment to attending social events, networking functions, conferences and industry events. These are the places to publicize one's aspirations and connect with potential clients. Managing the accounts for the clients requires absolute time management as well. It is important to create a system to integrate all the accounts and activities in a flowing process. On the most common question on how much to charge, students can start by analyzing their competition. Gauging their influence and expertise level, they can then establish the best price range to charge for their services. As one progresses, it is crucial to master advanced skills and techniques to make sure one stays ahead of the competition by increasing online visibility. Some of these skills include customized headers for Twitter and YouTube, optimization of the YouTube videos with annotations, titles, tags and descriptions. Knowledge of hashtags, email capture forms, Google+ Hangouts and even webcasts among others are crucial for this field. 

Online Tutor

There are also opportunities online as tutors, where students that have certain skills mastery can then take their time to build a brand and teach others. Becoming an online tutor is one that is largely associated with passion and skills and one of the best jobs for students. This means a tutor will have the passion to encourage others to take part in something they love and have mastered over the years. For example, for those students that are good at certain computer languages which they could have self-trained on or taking classes on, can then train other fans they have on their social media sites. The best platform currently is YouTube, where users as young as 10 or less are able to upload content. Where one is a guru in a certain area, they can take advantage of the YouTube platform and develop a brand, which they can then market and get followers. Some of the richest youngsters make millions monthly on YouTube uploading training videos on even gaming content, where they assist their followers to complete game titles. Others will upload videos teaching about cooking, coding, driving, mobile repairs, art and design among others. It simply calls for the passion and skills, to shine in any field and get paid doing what you love in your leisure time or even turn it into a profession. 

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistance much like the name indicates, offers support services from any remote location. For small businesses and even busy professionals, most of the time they will need the services of an assistant. This is also the case where such entities have seasonal jobs that do not require them to have assistance full time. As such, they call on the virtual assistants to assist with the workload during the high seasons and call them off during the low seasons. Generally, a virtual assistant will need to have high skills such as patience, discretion, organization, time management, honesty and personability. This requires one to start small and within a specific niche. This is an important step towards building a brand and working up the ladder in the industry. Some of the most common niches include becoming a social media assistant, blogger’s virtual assistant, e-commerce assistant, real estate assistant and general admin assistant among others. By starting small and slowly learning to market themselves through networking events and online strategies, students can turn this into a full time job and later on a career. As such, this is a field that requires massive patience and dedication to build, with long hours and poor pay at first but it eventually pays off.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are the easiest to start as they only require the student to find a credible company that they want to work for and sign up. This is a field that requires the student to do some research online and determine the best company relative to reviews and the conditions of work. After finding the right company, it is simply a matter of getting the information and starting right away with the entries. Most of the companies are subsidiaries that help their clients fill out data into databases, or research companies with massive data management systems. Either way they are structured and require minimal learning time and effort. 


As a blogger, students can call up their skills and passion in a certain area and is one the ways on how to earn money when studying. This is a field that involves content creation and as such, one has to be a good writer to manage the content and deliver on quality. It is a wide field and thus calls on the student to define their niche and start developing content. Posting content can start off on the social media and the graduate to free website hosting before finally moving to the paid options. Ideally, social media is a hub where bloggers will get their following, and as such, they will in most of the cases need to post their content and updates to get the readership. For established bloggers however, they can get a sustainable number of readers on their site without the social media ads. However, it is every blogger's dream to get as many readers as possible visiting their sites and this makes social media a pillar in their processes. After writing and posting posts they then link them to social media pages they run, or use elements such as hashtags to get readers to visit their blogs. As a blogger, it is important to understand the readers and more importantly deliver content that is interesting to them to maintain the readership, while still maintaining the element of originality and commitment.

Article Translation

Lastly, article translation is a field that requires exceptional language skills in the languages involved. This is a field that requires a student to be well versed in a given field so that they can be in a position to translate the same to general readers as one of the top freelance jobs. Ideally, it is quite rigid in the sense that it requires special skills in the field of choice, however, it is also quite easy to create a brand. This is relative to delivering quality content in a field that one is well versed with and becoming a sought after talent.

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